The tale of a pro-wrestling obsession

Armand Beaurain of Boksburg has an unusual collection of pro-wrestling memorabilia up for sale on Gumtree which he believes is worth R70,000.

Beaurain says he’s been a huge fan of pro-wrestling from a very young age and has been seriously collecting items for over 20 years; “it makes me feel as if I am contributing to the wrestling world”.

He’s selling some of his collection to raise money to buy some different pieces of wrestling memorabilia.

Among the items he has listed are 250 pro-wrestling action figures; around 350 DVD’s of WWE, WWF, WCW and TNA bouts; 60 wrestler autographs; a book and magazine collection; and a replica championship belt.

Beaurain says “all of my wrestling items are really dear to my heart but my most prized possessions, which I will never sell, are a 1986 Ricky ‘The Dragon’ Steamboat action figure and a Bill Goldberg autograph”.

Beaurain’s impressive collection can be viewed here.

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