Load shedding is back and causing mayhem in South African homes once again. But with some good old fashioned maak ‘n plan it’s possible to avoid, or to mitigate, most of the problems.

Gumtree’s Estelle Nagel says there are many items which will make life without Eskom so much better and, if money is tight, you can get them all online second-hand at great savings.

  • Gas stove – Gumtree price range R200 to R1000: A camping stove and a small gas bottle will keep the kitchen going during the blackouts – Gumtree price range R400 to R1000
  • A gas braai – Gumtree price range R1500 to R6000: Something to fire up quickly for emergency cooking
  • Rechargeable LED lights – Gumtree price range R100 to R1500: They last for hours which means no messy candles or searching for batteries to get the flash light working.
  • Powerbank – Gumtree price range R300 to R500: With our addiction of cellphones, two and a half hours can feel like days, so get some powerbanks which ensure that your phone is charged.
  • Portable high-speed hotspot – Gumtree price range R450: A hotspot means you stay connected without chewing up data.
  • Entertainment – Gumtree price range R50 to R1000: Boardgames are fun and help pass the time while the TV and the internet doesn’t work.
  • Small generator – Gumtree price range R1000 to R8000: with a domestic-scale generator you can stay powered up all the time (but make sure you get a qualified electrician to install it).

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