The Right Footwear For Driving

There is no doubt that your feet play an integral part in the driving process in order to accelerate, brake, engage the clutch and more. Thus, the choice of footwear also affects your driving ability. Gumtree reviews the driving performance and risks associated with wearing heels, sneakers or going barefoot.

Driving with heels:

  1. For regular safe driving, your heel has to be positioned on the floor of the vehicle at all times. However, this is not possible if you are wearing heels.
  2. As mentioned, your heel must be planted on the floor to engage the brake and accelerator.
  3. As heels provide elevation, the driver may not be able to determine how much pressure is required to use each of the pedals.
  4. There is a huge risk of the heel getting stuck under the mat, carpet, or pedal, which can cause grievous accidents.

Driving barefoot or in socks:

  1. For those who are used to driving barefoot, the pressure required to engage the clutch may be greater.
  2. In a manual vehicle, using the clutch repeatedly barefoot can cause cramps, spasms or discomfort.
  3. Driving barefoot does not provide the driver with effective control of the vehicle.
  4. For those who drive in socks, it may be difficult to grip the pedals as there is no traction.
  5. In case of accidents, these drivers may end up with greater injuries as they do not have any protection on their feet.

Driving in sneakers:

  1. Driving in shoes or sneakers is considered the safest way to drive a vehicle.
  2. Sneakers usually have good grips on the sole, which can help them hold onto or avoid slipping off the pedals.

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