You can find virtually anything on Gumtree…and cars are no exception. Here are a few of our favourite rare wheels for sale on the site right now:

1970 Porsche 911t

The 1963-1973 Porsche 911 was the fledgling automaker’s second production car, but the first one that really put the company on the map. It’s evolved over the years, but stayed true to this original shape. Buy it here:

1936 Chevrolet Coupe Hotrod

A favourite of restoration gurus and collectors, this two-door hotrod is fast, sounds great and runs like a dream. Buy it here:

1965 Alfa Romeo Giulia Sprint

Borrowing from an earlier design by Giorgetto Giugiaro, the Giulia Sprint GT was the first Giulia sport model introduced. The step nose (“scalino”) was named as such because of the compartment lid which sits just above the nose of the car. Buy it here:

1960 Austin Healey Sprite Mk1

Affectionately nicknamed “the frogeye”, the Sprite was produced in the UK and marketed as an “affordable model that a chap could keep in his bike shed”. It originally sold for less than 700 British pounds but is worth a significant amount of money today! Buy it here:

1967 AMC Rebel Rambler

While the Rebel Rambler is officially a muscle car, it is best known for its performance. It was also among the earliest production cars to come equipped with electronic fuel injection. Buy it here:

Which one is your favourite?

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