The Pros And Cons Of Playing Tennis

Easily one of the most popular and recognisable sports in the world, tennis is played by over 87 million across the globe. However, like every other sport, it has its advantages and disadvantages too. Gumtree gives you the scoop:

Advantages of playing tennis:

  1. Playing tennis contributes to several health benefits and enhances hand-eye coordination. Scientists at Harvard have established that the exercise and activity involved in tennis can increase the lifespan too.
  2. Sports psychologists across the globe have spoken about the mental benefits of playing tennis. The vigorous activity releases endorphins that elevate the mood and reduces stress. Tennis can also inculcate a healthy sense of competition amongst players.
  3. Being part of a tennis club or training centre gives players the opportunity to be more social, enhancing teamwork that is a great skill personally and professionally.
  4. As tennis is an extremely fast-paced sport, it substantially improves coordination and reflexes in players.
  5. Tennis is a highly popular sport and those who excel in it are transformed into motivated and confident individuals.


Disadvantages of playing tennis:

  1. As with most other sports, tennis too can result in injuries. Running on a hard surface in vigorous sprints including the heavy swings can lead to tennis elbows or plantar fasciitis.
  2. The training and equipment involved in tennis can be expensive. As an amateur or professional, the basic costs are a good pair of tennis shoes, high-quality racket with a shock absorbing handle and coaching.
  3. Unlike cricket or soccer, tennis can be a lonely sport as only one or two people on either side can play together.

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