The New Mahindra KUV100

While overall sales figures are dwindling across the board because of tough economic conditions, with all manufacturers suffering the same fate, others are grasping at the opportunity to offer alternatives in the form of economical runabouts that will not break the bank.


Why is this model so important?

NewModel3-Mahindra (2)Mahindra has become known for building tough workhorse vehicles that can survive the worst of conditions, but locally has never really been a player in the segment for passenger vehicles. The KUV100 is set to change that.


What does this mean?

Mahindra is intent on capturing a share of the passenger market, notably in the SUV segment. Since the small crossovers portion is so popular, the KUV100 has its job cut out for it, but its message is based around affordability and overall economy of ownership.


What’s the fuss about?

NewModel3-Mahindra (4)The KUV100  combines the manoeuvrability and agility of a small hatchback with the raised stance and versatility of a compact SUV. It targets buyers of conventional small hatchbacks, but adds the rugged personality, imposing stance and all-round versatility usually associated with SUVs.

Since SUVs are typically too expensive to purchase and to operate for budget-conscious buyers, Mahinda is playing the affordability game. Both a 1.2-litre four-cylinder petrol and a 1.2-litre three-cylinder diesel engine are on offer, offering low consumption figures. A three-year/100 000 km warranty comes on all models, and a three-year/50 000 km service plan is standard on all but the entry-level models.


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