The New Ford Ranger

Ford has added a Ranger 2.2 TDCi with automatic gearbox to the mix of local models due to popular demand. Some 70% of diesel buyers prefer an auto ‘box to a manual.


Why is this model so important?

Ford listens to its customers, and customers have asked for this model. The 2.2 TDCi auto is available across all three body styles – single, half and double cab – and all specification levels (XL, XLS and XLT). It is one of the first pick-ups in the LCV segment to offer an automatic transmission on the smaller-capacity intermediate derivatives.


What does this mean?

NewModel1-FordRanger (1)The new models will make Ranger a more compelling choice in the market and ensure it remains competitive against rivals in the market, notably the new Toyota Hilux. The Ranger and Hilux constantly battle it out as leader on the monthly sales charts. The extra, additional models – no less than nine 2.2 TDCi Auto variants – also mean there are a number of more affordable models in the overall mix to choose from.


What’s the fuss about?

Offering unrivalled comfort and driving convenience, the smooth-shifting six-speed automatic transmission has been specially adapted for the refined 2.2-litre turbodiesel engine, and makes the most of its impressive power output of 118kW and 385Nm torque peak.

A total of nine 2.2 TDCi Auto variants will be offered, boosting the revised Ranger line-up to a total of 36 models


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