The Key to Perfect Lighting in Beauty Blogging

The key to any form of photography or videography in beauty blogging is finding the right lighting. It is true but lighting can make or break a picture and make even the most gorgeous people appear dull or washed out. Did you know most beauty bloggers dislike artificial lighting and believe lighting is even more important than makeup?

Gumtree outlines the right kind of lighting and equipment that can help you click that Insta-worthy picture:

  1.     Diffused natural sunlight: To create a soft glow for your selfies, it is ideal to stand in front of a window that has a soft, thin curtain to diffuse the bright sunlight.
  2.     Morning and evening light: Natural morning light offers beautiful white lighting while the evening light that has a tint of the setting sun that offers a peachy glow.
  3.     Golden hour: Catch the sun just as it is setting for that golden, sun-kissed look – almost like applying the world’s greatest bronzer.
  4.     LED lights: When applying your makeup, always use high-quality LED lightbulbs that give you natural daylight lighting. There is nothing worse than doing your makeup indoors and finding it looks terrible as soon as you step outside.

Now that you know what kind of lighting a beauty blogger should have, Gumtree recommends the following products and equipment to kickstart your beauty blogging journey. After all, taking great beauty shots is a combination of the right lighting and equipment. Read on to find out more.

  1.     Ring light
  2.     Tripod
  3.     Mirrorless camera
  4.     Video LED light
  5.     Softbox or other modifiers
  6.     White screen
  7.     Gorilla tripod
  8.     Bluetooth remote
  9.     Laptop


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