The Importance Of Warming Up and Cooling Down

Working out and exercise such as cardio, yoga, strength training and the like are excellent for overall physical and mental well-being. However, it is unfortunate that most people skip some of the most important aspects of a workout – the warmup and cool down. Gumtree explains why these are so pertinent and how to do them correctly:

Warming up

  1. Warming up your body before a workout increases your body temperature gradually.
  2. It ensures the blood flows to the muscles and prepares them, especially the heart, for the workout ahead.
  3. A proper warmup can prevent the risk of injury.
  4. While warming up, first focus on the larger muscle groups and then move to the smaller ones with specific warmup exercises for each.
  5. The correct way to warmup is to begin at a slower pace and increase the speed gradually.

Cooling down

  1. It is essential to safely transition the body from workout mode to a resting state.
  2. A proper cool down helps in reducing the heart rate and overall body temperature.
  3. It can prevent blood pressure from dropping too rapidly and reduces injury risk.
  4. An effective cool down should last between five to ten minutes and include tapering off movements such as a slow jog or walk.
  5. Static stretches lasting 15 – 60 seconds are the correct way to cool down.
  6. As with the warmup, start with larger muscle groups and transition to small ones after.
  7. It is essential to breathe correctly during the cool down. You should be able to hold the static stretches without any pain or discomfort.

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