The Importance of Checking Your Contract

An employment contract is a legal document in labour law that serves as an agreement between the worker and the company. The contract includes but is not restricted to information regarding wages, duration of employment, schedules, confidentiality, benefits and much more. It regulates the behaviour of the worker at the workplace and stands for all company policies. Gumtree advises all employees to thoroughly comb through their employment contracts and understand the following: 

  1. Job security: The contract defines how long a worker will be employed at the company i.e., the number of years. This can provide job security for the employee as well as relief on the part of the employer who does not have to fire the said employee (unless there are unforeseen circumstances). 
  2. Duties: The contract specifically outlines what the positions and duties of the employee are. This can be tied into job performance and if that is not satisfactory, the employee can be fired for underperforming. 
  3. Protecting employee rights: The employee contract is drafted along the lines of the Employment Act, which may vary in different countries but eventually favours the employee. The contract includes important information regarding wages, overtime and employee rights. Gumtree recommends reading up on the Employment Act to get a better understanding of your rights. 
  4. Leave: The contract provides information on the kind of leave an employee can take for example: sick leave, maternity leave or bereavement leave. If you have a comprehensive contract in place, these will be covered legally. The contract will also define wages/payments during these days off. 
  5. Disputes: The contract can solve disputes between the two parties i.e., worker and employers. It can avoid lengthy and expensive courtroom battles. 

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