The fuel price hike is inevitable – these tips can help save you some Rands at the pump

If the implementation of recent loadshedding was something of salt in the tea scenario then recent news that the price of fuel will be going up by almost R20 a litre is a George Foreman punch to the gut.

The Automobile Association of South Africa shows petrol is up by 99 cents a litre, while diesel and illuminating paraffin up by R1.42 a litre. This will push 95 ULP inland above R19/l (close to R19.30/l), and R17/l for diesel. Taking this potential increase into account, the price of a litre of fuel inland (95 ULP) will have increased from R14.86/l in January to R19.30/l in November – a 30% increase over 11 months.

Soon there will be snaking queues at the petrol stations across the country as motorists fill up before the hike comes into effect.

Gumtree lists a few ways in which to save on fuel usage:

Don’t use the aircon

The air-conditioner compressor draws its power from the vehicle’s alternator, which is an added stress and requires the engine to work harder.

Rid any unnecessary weight

If something is heavier, it moves slower. The principle is no different with a vehicle, so if there is added weight, the engine has to burn more fuel to pull the heavier load.

Use public transport

It might not be the ideal situation for most but by using public transportation, there is a massive saving to be had. Instead of weekly fill-ups, a monthly bus or train ticket can be purchased – though reliability is not always the best.

Drive at a steady speed

Speed is one of the main reasons why fuel usage is not the best. Driving at a constant speed and coasting when the opportunity arises, is the best way to conserve fuel.

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