The Figo and Fiesta is no more in SA and we ask Ford SA what’s next

If there’s one automaker that can be considered ‘part of the furniture’ in South Africa, Ford is right up there and staking its claim against the likes of Toyota and Volkswagen.

Iconic models like the Cortina, Capri Perana, and Sierra XR6 still evoke plenty of emotion amongst ardent ‘Ford is Lord’ enthusiasts, and seeing them in the flesh is becoming a rare occurrence. Even by today’s standards Ford’s model range in the country can appear very different from those in other markets. Still, this contrast was exaggerated during the country’s pre-democratic era, when sanctions severely limited access to a wide range of models available overseas.

Ford’s earliest traces in South Africa go back to 1905, when Port Elizabeth-based Arkell and Douglas were appointed as the first Ford agents in the country. The Ford Motor Company of Southern Africa (FMCSA) was founded in 1923 and a year later opened its assembly plant in a converted wool store in PE to assemble Model T cars from export kits shipped from Canada. By 1930, the blue-oval brand opened a new purpose-built factory in the Friendly City.

The first-generation Figo was introduced locally in 2010, while the ‘bigger brother’ Fiesta has been gracing local shores since the mid-90s with the fourth-generation offering. The seventh-generation Fiesta made its introduction in 2018, while the latest generation Figo launched in 2015. Ford currently builds vehicles at the Silverton Assembly Plant in Pretoria.

Gumtree managed to get an official comment from Ford South Africa regarding the possible replacement or release of new generations for the Figo and Fiesta models. As such, both nameplates are also no longer listed on the automaker’s website, sold as brand-new, and will be discontinued from the local portfolio.

Ford SA said: “Information about future vehicle programmes will only be confirmed closer to local launch.”

The blue-oval brand remains tight-lipped about any new models set to be launched locally – with only the next-generation Everest SUV and Ranger bakkie being confirmed for local introduction towards the end of 2022.

The removal of both hatchback models will allow some of its competitors like the Volkswagen Polo and Kia Rio (to name a few) to snag a more significant piece of the pie that is up for grabs. It seems as though Ford is ‘sacrificing’ its smaller bodies – for now – and focussing attention on its bigger, better-selling offerings.

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