The Benefits of Walking as a Form of Exercise

With gyms closing at frequent intervals with the advent of more stringent lockdowns in South Africa, citizens and residents have taken to walking as their primary form of exercise. One of the biggest benefits of using walking to stay strong and maintain a healthy weight is that it does not require any additional equipment. It is considered one of the healthiest and simplest ways to stay fit that can be done anywhere and at any time. Gumtree outlines the main benefits of walking as a form of exercise:

  1. Regular walking can modify the nervous system, improving your mood substantially. It also reduces anger and hostility.
  2. Walking with family or friends (at a safe distance from each other) improves sociability and makes you feel more connected with those walking with you.
  3. Walking as a form of exercise helps burn calories and maintain a healthy weight over a longer period of time.
  4. Walking can lower the risk of chronic diseases including diabetes, heart attacks, strokes and much more.
  5. Walking also boosts brainpower and promotes better decision-making skills.
  6. Walking improves your range of movement, thereby alleviating joint and muscle pain.
  7. Regular walking also helps in delaying the onset of varicose veins as it boosts healthy blood flow.
  8. Consistent walking can improve bowel movements and keep your digestive system strong.
  9. Going for a walk in the outdoors can spark creativity and focus, making you more productive overall.
  10. Walking can reduce pain and stress, leading to a better night’s sleep.
  11. Walking prevents the loss of bone mass, especially in those who are suffering from osteoporosis.


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