The benefits of getting married during lockdown restrictions

The onset of the coronavirus pandemic was a shock to the system for many, with immediate plans postponed until further notice. The tourism and hospitality industries, in particular, were severely impacted with some companies forced to shut its doors that resulted in people losing their jobs.

Thankfully, South Africa has navigated the worst of the storm with lockdown restrictions immensely eased and everything slowly turning back to normal. One of the most significant implementations was the amount of people permitted at gatherings like funerals and weddings in a bid to limited the amount of physical contact.

Where weddings is concerned, both the bride and groom would’ve liked to have all their family and friends to be present on the special day but adjusted regulations meant only a select few could be chosen for the special occasion.

Gumtree lists a few reasons why the lockdown was a blessing in disguise for those wanting to get married:

Limited guests

Wedding venues have to cater for the amount of guests going to be present so if there are only 15 people attending in total, for example, the per head food and drink amount will be drastically reduced for the people present.

Affordable venues

Because not many people will be present, the need for a large and flashy venue is void. There are many affordable wedding venues in the country and The Beach Villa Guesthouse in Melkbosstrand is one such place that also comes with a photographer as well.

Choosing who you want to be there

Parents sometimes get too excited and invite guests that the bride or groom doesn’t even know very well. With restrictive weddings, it cuts out unfamiliar guests and allows close-knit families to be present.

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