Tennis Tips for Beginners

Tennis is a highly competitive sport and it can be overwhelming as a beginner to foray into it. However, follow these beginner tips from Gumtree to get you off on the right footing:

  1.     Beginner or intermediate tennis racquets are not as expensive as professional ones. But it is important to not just look at the price while choosing one. Ask the salesperson at the sports store to help you with one that suits your body type and grip.
  2.     Practice, practice, practice. How do you think Roger Federer and Serena Williams got to where they are? Be committed to the sport and play as often as you can. It is essential to watch other players and get advice from them as well as the coaches to improve your game.
  3.     Enrol yourself in a local tennis club to meet others who love the sport. Here, you will get the opportunity to interact with like-minded individuals and up your game.
  4.     Never forget to warm up and cool down before and after playing and practice to avoid injuries.
  5.     Staying hydrated is essential in any sport and tennis is no different as it is played outdoors under the scorching sun. Carry water bottles as well as light snacks to keep your body refreshed and rejuvenated.
  6.     As a beginner, start by striking the ball at waist height after a bounce. Once you have your technique mastered, you can hit the harder, higher shots.
  7.     Tennis is a game of fast reflexes and working on your speed can improve your technique substantially. One great way to do so is by including a skipping rope in your workouts.
  8.     Consult coaches and professional tennis players on your grip and how it can be perfected.
  9.     Take up aerobics or other fast-paced workouts to build your stamina. Tennis is a fast, gruelling sport and only the fittest players can master it.
  10. Have a good temperament on the court by focusing on one point at a time. Avoid getting angry and frustrated at lost points as even the best of the best have their off days.

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