Ten Ways To Make Cash Quickly on Gumtree

Everyone could use a little extra cash in their pockets, right? If you need some side hustle/site hustle inspiration, we’ve got your back. Here are the top ten ways you can earn some real cash using Gumtree! You don’t need start-up capital, you don’t need a business degree, and you don’t even need an original idea!

Start a dogwalking business

South Africa loves their pets, so cash in by walking dogs in your neighborhood. Dog walkers can earn up to R60 per hour taking care of others’ pooches. Add a special touch by sending the pet parents photos during the walk, or offering different walks (e.g. mountain gambol vs dog park socializing). Find out where the green belts or dog parks are in your hood and get started. Make sure your client provides a bowl, leash and poop bags so you don’t have to eat into your profits. Naturally, you should be good with dogs and reasonably fit to do this job!


Watering plants and making sure the lights are off is an easy enough job. Housesitters can charge anywhere from R150 to R500 per day. However, people aren’t very keen to hand their keys over to strangers, so get some experience first. Ask friends and family if you can housesit during the holidays, and ask them to refer you to their acquaintances. Once you have a few references, it gets much easier.

Bake Something!

Anyone that can follow a recipe can start off baking goodies. Start small – heart-shaped cookies at Valentine’s Day hand-delivered at office parks or to neighbors can sell out fast! Just don’t commit to fancy birthday cakes and elaborate fondant figurines until you’ve mastered the art.

Meals on Wheels

If you are a masterchef in the making, why not make and freeze or sell popular meals? Lasagnas, boboties or curries can be cooked in batches and sold per portion. Start with your neighbors and take it from there.

Grow something

Since the pandemic, people have become obsessed with home improvement, including their gardens. If you have green fingers, start selling plant cuttings or cacti that is easy to grow and waterwise. You can also take a stab at growing your own fruit and vegetables to sell.


Babysitting isn’t for the faint of heart, but you can earn anywhere from R60-R200 an hour looking after kids. Again, references are everything. You should also try to obtain a paediatric first aid certification to give parents peace of mind.

Buy, Fix, Sell

If you are handy with some chalk paint, try buying up old furniture or decor pieces from charity shops and fixing them up. You can sell these on Gumtree for a major profit!

Buy and Flip

Passionate about books, games or antiques? Scour your local charity shops for items that can be resold. You should also keep an eye out for underpriced goods on Gumtree that can be resold at a premium price.

Have a Clear Out

We all have clothes, appliances and furniture gathering dust. Why not sell your goods online? Divide all your unwanted goods into piles, take nice photos and load them on Gumtree. You’ll be surprised at how much cash you’ll end up with at the end of the day.

Become a Broker

Lots of our users are Gumtree brokers! They sell goods on behalf of others who simply don’t have the time dealing with hagglers and buyers. Offer to clear out your granny’s spare room or your dad’s garage, or ask your local shop if you can help list items in exchange for commission or a cut of the profits.

Let’s get site-hustling!




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