Telltale Signs that your Thermostat is Wack


Your vehicle’s thermostat, unlike many other interior parts, is not something that has to be maintained or repaired at specific intervals throughout the year. Instead, it is something that you will only look into once you have a feeling that something is wrong.


We’ve put together a short list of ways to know your thermostat is faulty. If you experience any of the below, you may want to get your ride checked out by a professional mechanic just in case.


  1. Steam is pouring out from under the hood and your vehicle is overheating.
  2. The engine temperature is fluctuating.
  3. The ‘Check Engine’ light is illuminated on your dashboard with an OBD code indicating this warning is thermostat-related. If you see a code beside the ‘Check Engine’ light, you may need to consult your vehicle’s owner’s manual or do a quick Google search to figure out what it means.
  4. The engine is overheating.
  5. There is very little or no heat reaching the passenger compartment of your vehicle.
  6. There are fluctuations in your vehicle’s engine performance.
  7. The engine is generally running rough.


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