Taking Care Of Your Vehicle Near the Ocean

Living near the ocean can be a dream come true for many. But it can be detrimental to your car. Vehicles near the ocean come in contact with salt-saturated air and moisture, requiring more frequent repairs and maintenance. 

Gumtree gives you the following tips to take care of your vehicle near a beach or ocean: 

1. When you are not driving your car, it is essential to protect it by parking it in the garage or wrapping it in its cover to prevent contact with the elements. 

2. Wash and wax your car at least once a month to remove the accumulated salts. Do not forget the undercarriage as the metal components of the wheel and exhausts are susceptible to damage due to the salty ocean air.

3. If your car has been exposed to direct ocean water and sand, wash it off with soap and water immediately to remove all remnants of these particles.

4. When you take your vehicle in for servicing, ask your mechanic to inspect all the exposed metal parts, which may be damaged due to the morning dew, salt, or humidity.

5. Bird droppings are common near the ocean. If you find these on your car, wash it off immediately as it can be hazardous to the paint job.

6. It is recommended to chrome plate your rims to avoid rust. 

7. No matter how careful you are about cleaning yourself before getting into your car after a day at the beach, chances are you will still carry some sand in. It is recommended to vacuum your car regularly to make it look spotless. 


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