Take a swing at these tips to improve your golf game

Terms like ‘Afraid of The Dark’, ‘Birdie’, and ‘Fly the green’ are all used to describe various situations that have got to do with playing golf – not a science fiction movie.

Even though it might sound simple, golf requires an intricate balance of power and precision, as players try and find balls that must drop just inside a small 11cm cup in the ground. If you didn’t know, a modern set of golf clubs typically consists of three woods, at least one hybrid, seven irons, and a putter – a total of 12.

Compared to other sports like football and rugby, that is adrenaline-pumped and full contact; golf is a game of patience and very relaxed – as a matter of convenience, players can even drive (in a cart) where they need to be. The strength that generates a golfing drive comes from the lower body and core muscles, not the arms as one would generally assume.

If you’re wanting to improve your swing and overall game, Gumtree lists a couple of tips that might come in handy:

Posture and positioning – A good posture is important on the golf course in that it will improve your upper body rotation for the best swings, help reduce or eliminate back pain, and deliver power to your muscles.

Keep your eye on the ball – It’s an age-old saying with any hand-eye coordination sport and with golf, it’s no different. Keep your head down and eye on the ball from the swinging follow through to when you make contact.

Know your clubs – Each club serves its own purpose on the lawn and it is up to the player to decide which one to use for the next shot. As an example, you cannot use a putter for long (range) drive because it’s too light and has a different design.

Work on your short game – With so many great wedges on the market today, golfers are carrying up to four in their bags and still not having enough practice time. A lot of players don’t have the right distance control down, which makes it hard to know exactly what club you should use.

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