Taboo Topics to Never Discuss at the Workplace

The workplace is a social environment where forming relationships are based on common goals, good rapport and teamwork. However, as these are not familial relationships or close friendships, it is important to avoid awkward conversations or uncomfortable situations.

You spend the better part of every day with your colleagues and confiding in them about some ‘taboo’ topics that may affect your relationships with them, ruin your reputation at the workplace and risk your job or possibility of a promotion.

Gumtree is here to help. Here are a list of topics that you must steer away from in an office environment:

  1. Office gossip
  2. Complaining about colleagues or superiors
  3. Confidential information
  4. Politics
  5. Romantic or intimate relationships
  6. Your medical problems
  7. Your financial issues
  8. Cost of your material possessions
  9. Lifestyle changes and decisions (divorce, breakups)
  10. Religion
  11. Company changes that affect the employees
  12. Issues related to race and ethnicity
  13. Gender issues and stereotypes
  14. Issues around immigration
  15. Family problems

Thus, talking about some of these touchy subjects may land you in hot water with your colleagues or managers. There are still hundreds of other things to talk about to build your relationships such as movies, music, travel, books etc.

Get to know your colleagues on a more creative plane rather than using controversy or friction. This will also result in mutual respect and a solid camaraderie between you and them.


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