Summer Décor Trends for 2017…for less

The New Year always marks a fresh start…and most of us want to pair that with a new look. There are a few hot trends on the horizon, quite far removed from what we’ve seen in 2016. However, it’s entirely possible to redo your home on a strict budget, says Claire Cobbledick, Head of Marketing for Gumtree South Africa.

“Terracotta and cork are both predicted to be “in” in 2017, whereas the cool white tiles and swatches of 2016 are a thing of the past. There is no need to call in a contractor though – a few quality outdoor items can add warmth to a room. Think of tiled butcher’s blocks or planters. You can even incorporate rough bricks as wine racks or TV stands…the room you had as a student is finally back in style!” says Cobbledick.

Bedrooms are often the most personal spaces in the home, and it’s important to add lots of sentimental touches. “Provided that you aren’t too much of a shopaholic, nude shelving looks fantastic. We also expect to see plenty of embroidered headboards and handmade items.”

These can be picked up for a song at antique dealers or from private hobbyists online, while companies such as Rare Timber Shelving will custom design nude shelves for your home, according to exact specifications.

Metal and jewel toned items will be popular, and green is the official shade of the year. “We saw designers do interesting things with rose quartz last year, but 2017 will be a sunnier shade of green. Be bold and paint your room in shades of kale or add a botanical feature wall to make your furniture pop.”

Things that are out? Fern leave motifs and quotation art. “As always there are a few things that have fallen out of vogue, but remember that style is personal – create rooms that you love to be in, no matter the trend.”


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