Student Jobs to Boost your CV

Let’s be honest, most people find their greatest motivation for getting a student job is simply to make money to pay off student loans or to pay your way through school. But what if you could find a job that will pay your bills now, but put you front of line when searching for your dream job down the road?

We’ve put together a few life goals and which student jobs will work most in your favour when it comes time to achieve them:

So, you want to be a lawyer or doctor?

The best idea for you is to work as closely with a lawyer or doctor as you can while you study. If being a doctor is your goal, look for entry-level jobs at a hospital, walk-in clinic, family practice, or a pharmacy. If being a lawyer is your goal, an entry-level job in a law firm, perhaps with data entry or filing, will be optimal. Being able to see lawyers and doctors and what they do each day will assist in your preparations, and will get you a foot in the door. While these types of jobs may seem unattainable for someone without a degree, putting together a very well-written cover letter explaining your life goals and why you are wanting to work there will certainly help.

So, you want a traditional office job?

Whether it will be in a marketing agency, or at a banking headquarters, for example, having office experience beforehand will work in your favour. Look for positions like part-time receptionists, assistants, coordination positions or internships. Having experience in an office environment will not only give you a first-hand idea on how things work, but will also give you credible, relatable references.

So, you want to work with people?

If your goal is to have a career where you work closely with the public, try finding a student job within retail or the service industry where you will learn invaluable lessons on customer behaviour, customer service, pitching, and selling.

Now that you’ve got the knowledge, it’s time to find a job! Head to or your Gumtree app (click for Apple & Android) and don’t forget to use your location settings to find your next student job close to your business.

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