Strangest Services We’ve Seen Advertised on Gumtree

Entrepreneurial spirit is alive and well, and there are some strange service providers out there willing to fill the gaps in the industry. Here are some of our favourite services advertised on Gumtree:

Personal Ninja

Not sure what the job would entail, but a black belt Gumtree user offered to follow customers around and protect them from whatever dangers they might face. Of course, ninjas are masters of the art of invisibility so it would be hard to know if he showed up for work or not?


If you need to make a splash at your pool party, you can actually hire a professional mermaid to wow your guests. She comes complete with a wrangler to help carry her from Point A to Point B – fins aren’t made for walking.

Drinks Table

Why hire a waitress for your cocktail do when you can hire a waitress dressed as a table? This innovation involved ladies dressing as fully functional tables full of cocktails as a show-stopper at events.

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