Still pedaling after 30 years

There is a famous saying that if you want to move ahead, be a bridge. Bridge Cycles has certainly encapsulated the proverb, growing from a humble corner café to one of Cape Town’s most popular bike shops.

“We started off selling groceries, samoosas and pies, then we added some hardware at the back of the shop,” says Fazal Osman, the owner of Bridge Cycles. “I’m not a cyclist but I like tinkering with mechanical things and my brother had an interest in cycling, so from there, we began selling bikes. People used to laugh at us, because you could literally buy anything in the shop…from washing powder to helmets.”

Fazal started the business with his brother Fayaz nearly thirty years ago. Fayaz sadly passed away in 2012, but the shop still has strong family ties – their cousin Aneesa assists with the running of the shop. Today they stock over a thousand bicycles, have a dozen employees and are in the process of building a two-story mega-shop across the road from their current location. The shop also regularly services bicycles.

“Cycling has taken off in a big way in Cape Town,” says Fazal. “It has exploded.”

Bridge Cycles sells a wide range – from starter bikes to specialized equipment, which can be viewed on our site. “We find most of our online leads from!” says Fazal. “Business is booming.”

And if the cycling trend should pass, Fazal has a Plan B. “We can always go back to selling chips and samoosas!” he jokes.

Their bikes can be viewed here.