South Africa’s most popular second hand car

A white Toyota Corolla hatchback is the most sought after second hand vehicle in South Africa according to data from Gumtree Autos which, with more than 2 million current vehicle listings, is the country’s busiest virtual automotive showroom.

Jeff Osborne, Head of Automotive for Gumtree SA, describes the site’s massive data base as “a treasure trove of information about our second hand car buying habits”.

White is definitely the favourite colour in the market with more than twice as many white vehicles listed as blue ones followed by silver in third place. Osborne believes this reflects white’s reputation for a lower cost of maintenance and repair.

The Toyota Corolla is the most popular vehicle on the site followed by VW Polo and VW Golf.

In broader brand terms, VW is the most searched for followed by Toyota and Ford.

There is a clear preference for hatchback vehicles (46% of users) over sedans (25%) or SUVs (14%).

Osborne says that potential resale value should be an important consideration in any car buying decision and the Gumtree data shows that South Africans at the moment are looking for vehicles that are cost-effective, economical and easy to maintain; “Especially in a difficult economic climate practicality and value will prevail among second hand auto buyers”.

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