Smart ways to make cycling less expensive

The 40th Cape Town Cycle Tour on 12 March has attracted its usual sell-out field of 35,000 registered riders.

The event has become massively popular. It has also become increasingly expensive to take part but there are ways to save money without compromising your performance in the big race.

The Sports & Leisure category on Gumtree, South Africa’s leading online classifieds site, is full of new and second hand cycling equipment of all types. There are more than 13,000 bikes currently listed on the site so it’s a great place to buy one and to sell your own if you’re planning on upgrading or you decide to hang up your cleats after this year’s Cycle Tour.

There are plenty of other cycling essentials on offer on the site.


Helmets are compulsory for the Cycle Tour and basic ones are available from R150 and there’s a complete range available including a helmet that offers special features like inbuilt smart connectivity.


If the Cape wind howls or the rain pours on race day, you’ll need a good cycling jacket. They’re available on Gumtree from R200.


With luck you won’t get a puncture or a mechanical failure en route but you do need to be prepared for one with a tool kit that includes tyre repair materials and compact tools from R179.


Padded gloves can make the 109km much easier by cushioning some of the friction from the road and keeping your hands warm in chilly conditions. Gumtree has them from R175.


Proper cycling footwear can cost a small fortune but Gumtree has offers like Scott X-traction cycling shoes (size 45) at R750.


For a long day in the saddle proper padded pants are essential and, among others, ‘B-Fit Lycra double layer tights’ in “ten different colours and funky designs” are available from R280.

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