Smart Watch vs Smart Phone: Which is Better for Kids?

If you have children, chances are you have either had a child ask for a phone, or have at least had the thought about when would be best to introduce one. Yes, we all want to keep track of your children when they are not with us (especially in terms of physical safety) but there are huge downsides to introducing a smart phone too early, too.


Here are the top reasons why a smart watch may be the best way to go, at least until they are older.


  1. They are a less web-based device which prevents kids from watching videos all day.
  2. They encourage kids to get up and moving; children can check their step count, and can be excited to reach particular exercise goals with on-screen celebrations available on some smart watches on the market.
  3. Smart watches significantly reduce access to gaming when compared to smart phones.
  4. Many smart watches geared for children still come equipped with games, but ones more geared towards children who wish to learn.
  5. The cost is far lower than a smart phone.
  6. Children are ill-equipped to responsibly handle the technology available on smart phones today.
  7. Setting up child-friendly restrictions on a smart phone is very time consuming and difficult to monitor.
  8. Smart watches are far more difficult to lose as they are strapped to the child’s arm at all times.
  9. Smart watches equipped with GPS trackers allow for parents to track their children for ease of mind without worrying about what they are getting into on their smart phones.


Now that you have the knowledge, it’s time to shop! Head to or your Gumtree app (click for Apple & Android) for the best child-friendly smart watches close to home.

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