Simple Guide to a Successful & Safe Road Trip

Travelling by car is a great way to exercise your sense of adventure. And let’s be honest, there are so many incredible places to visit right in our South African backyard. It is also the perfect way to travel during a global pandemic. Score!


Before you head out, follow these simple tips to ensure your next road trip is both safe and a success.


  1. Choose all destinations before you go, and pre-book all accommodation to avoid any unsafe situations (like having to sleep in your car in the wilderness!).
  2. Pack lightly; only bring things you will really need and wear. The lighter your car, the less petrol you will use, too!
  3. A week or so before your trip, do some quick maintenance to ensure your car is as safe as possible. Follow this checklist!
  4. Be prepared for any situation by putting together a comprehensive first-aid kit and a maintenance kit, including things like a spare tyre and jumper cables.
  5. Share your location with others that will not be coming on the trip with you; it is always a great idea to have at least one person aware of your whereabouts in case of emergency.
  6. Always check your surroundings before exiting your vehicle when in an unfamiliar environment.
  7. Take a quick glance at the back seat of your vehicle before entering to ensure safety.
  8. Do not leave valuables in plain sight when you get out to adventure.
  9. Never pull over for anyone, including a police officer, until you can do so in a well-lit, public area.
  10. Keep a keen eye on your petrol tank to ensure you always have enough to get to the next town.


Head to or your Gumtree app (click for Apple & Android) and don’t forget to use your location settings to find the perfect road trip vehicle and essentials close to home.

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