Signs of Workout Burnout

Many believe the most exercise you do, the better. But in actual fact, less is more when it comes to strength training. Saying ‘no’ to rest days can lead to a serious case of overtraining resulting in serious injury. Here are a few signs you’re headed that way!

  1. The easy workouts feel too difficult all of a sudden. If last week you could lift 70kg multiple times in a row, and this week you can barely lift 50kg once, your body is telling you to take a break.
  2. Sleep has become non-existent. Overtraining can cause your adrenal hormones to spike when they should be calming down.
  3. You’ve lost your appetite. When you train too hard too often, your hunger hormones are not being properly regulated because your body is putting too much energy into keeping you awake and active.
  4. You’re not your happy self. Irritability is another big sign of burnout, as it can show a hormonal imbalance.
  5. Working out is no longer fun. If you’re someone who trains a lot simple because you love it, then the day you start to resent that routine is the day you need to rethink how often you’re working out.
  6. You’re constantly in pain. Muscle soreness is completely normal after strength training, but if that feeling never goes away, your body desperately needs a break.
  7. You’re constantly getting sick. Overtraining can result in a decreased immunity, so if you find yourself starting a new cold just after one has finished, it may be time to listen to your body’s screams for a break.

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