Should Graphic Designers Freelance Or Work At an Agency?

Freelance or full-time? Solo or work in an agency? This is the first big decision graphic designers must take after graduation or working for a few years. If you are one of these creative professionals, Gumtree outlines the benefits of both for you.

Working at an agency:

  1. One of the biggest benefits of working in an agency, of course, is a steady income, providing a level of stability that freelancing might not provide.
  1. A traditional working environment gives you the opportunity to grow, socialise and enjoy the benefits offered by employers.
  1. Working for an agency gives you several clients to work with, enhancing your creative prowess, experience and skills drastically.
  1. An agency expects design excellence and chances are those you work with are designers themselves. This provides an environment to learn and create design masterpieces.

Working as a freelancer:

  1. Being a freelancer makes you independent as you are not tied to an office or location. Imagine being able to work next to a beautiful creek – would work wonders for your creativity, right?
  1. Freelancers have the option to choose which projects and clients they want to work with. This kind of creative freedom can be an excellent avenue to producing amazing designs as you are not bogged down or forced to work on something you do not want to.
  1. As a freelancer, you have a lot more control over your time and life. Don’t feel like working one day? Well, that’s alright as long as you make it up the next day and meet the deadlines set with clients. There is also no concept of 9 to 5 in freelancing though busier periods could be much longer!

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