Setting Boundaries to Curb Stress

Did you know last month, the 10th of October, was World Mental Day? This year, more than ever, has been significant with the world undergoing acute stress for over 18 months with the COVID-19 pandemic. However, with no end in sight yet, we must take care of our and our loved ones’ mental health. Setting boundaries to avoid stress must be a necessity and not just a one-off practice. Gumtree explains how you can do this to protect your mental health.

Two types of stress to set boundaries against include:

  1.     Physical stress: This type of stress is the outcome of physical over-activity such as staying up late at night to work, spending hours at the laptop, neglecting your meals and the like.

How to set boundaries: When you wake up in the morning, make a list of tasks for the day as well as a couple of blanks for unforeseen circumstances. Tell yourself that once these are completed, you are done for the day. What is even more critical is it remind yourself that meals and sleep are as important as work and must be given due time and respect.

  1.     Emotional stress: Emotional stress can be the onset of any tragedies or issues with friends and family you have no control over. In this pandemic-hit world, worrying about the virus and how it can affect your loved ones can surely bring up several emotions.

How to set boundaries: Finding that one person to vent to or a shoulder to cry on can make you a lot better by giving you an avenue to unload your stress. If the pandemic is what is scaring you, trying to cap the limit on reading articles or researching statistics on dire situations and circumstances.

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