Preparing for a baby can be an expensive exercise – with a pram, a high chair, a cot, clothes, a carrier and a car seat on the list, it can easily add up to over R100 000. And the reality is most of these items will only be used for a short time until they go into storage for the next baby or just never get used again.

One big money-smart decision that parents can make is to purchase baby items second-hand online.

Estelle Nagel, Marketing Manager for Gumtree SA and mom to a one-year-old daughter, says “buying second-hand online doesn’t have to mean poor quality for your precious child – there are thousands of top-of-the-range baby items in excellent condition on Gumtree alone”.

Nagel believes that by purchasing major baby items second-hand on Gumtree parents could easily save R25 000 or more – money which could go towards the child’s education. She also points out that selling the items on Gumtree once they are finished with could double that saving.

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