Scrapbooking Has Health Benefits? You Bet!

Scrapbooking is an age-old hobby and fun way to store family photographs. To some, this may look like a complete waste of time and effort, but to others, it is all worth it. To the skeptics, here is a small list of ways scrapbooking can actually be good for your health, too!

  1. Lowers stress levels. Engaging in the creative process of putting a scrapbook together takes your mind away from the stresses of everyday life. Studies also show that engaging in creative hobbies can lower anxiety!
  2. It is a form of meditation. Further to our first point, when scrapbooking, your mind will only be focussed on the task at hand; everything else will fall to the way side.
  3. It gives your brain a good workout. While it may look like a creative hobby only, scrapbooking requires some serious brain power, too. Have you ever tried to go through old family photos while recalling every place they photograph was taken and what year it was? Sounds like a good brain workout to us!

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