Salvador Dali

Farrol Dubois, who acquired a signed Salvador Dali lithograph from Boddington’s antique warehouse in 1982 has now listed the rare artefact on for R195 000.

Owning a Picasso or Van Gogh original is to some unimaginable, but owning a copy isn’t. A lithograph is just this – a hand-printed copy of an original artwork created by that artist. These duplicates are often high in value if quality is great and creation numbers are low.

$_20The process of producing lithographs is just as time consuming and detailed as an original and for this reason, only a few were made. It is said that Dali was amongst the few artists who were more than willing to authorise lithographs during his lifetime.

Artwork created by the Spanish painter, who is said to be one of the most prolific and versatile artists of the twentieth century, is often sold for millions at auctions and galleries across the world.

Dubois notes that he has received many years of gratification from the artefact that hung proudly in his home and is now ready for another to receive the same type of artsy joy.

However, there is always a huge amount of controversy when claiming to have an authentic art piece, says Dubois, “but I could talk for hours about this particular lithograph and its ‘realness’. Mine is authentic and I have the certificates to prove so.”

When purchasing the item from the biggest antique warehouse in South Africa at the time, Dubois confirmed that “the lithograph was authenticated by a loss adjuster who worked for Lloyds of London in the 80’s”. showcases one of the largest antique collections online and is flooded with rare artefacts. You can find Coca-Cola memorabilia, Adriaan Boshoff originals, old South African coins and even vintage vehicles, all under the Antique & Collectables vertical.

To see why this piece of surrealist art is of such high value, take a look at it on Gumtree here.


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