Safety Technology Can Save You

The safer your car and the more safety technology it has as standard equipment could not only save your life in an accident, but save on insurance premiums in the long run.

Insurance companies generally determine your insurance premium in your personal profile and vehicle detail. One thing insurance companies do is to keep statistical track of the frequency of accidents involving specific vehicle brands and models based on historic references, and profile people by age, gender and geographical location (the latter determines risk factor for theft etc.).



Many cars today are equipped with advanced safety technology, either as standard equipment or as an option.

One of the most comprehensive scientific studies performed on collision avoidance systems in cars revealed that Volvo’s standard City Safety technology has reduced insurance claims for rear-end/frontal collisions by 28%. Based on real-life accumulated insurance claims data from the Swedish insurers ‘If and Volvia’, the study of City Safety performance conclusively revealed the real-life value of its auto braking collision avoidance systems.

The main benefit of this technology is its ability to reduce the incidence of whiplash and other neck-related injuries caused by low-speed traffic accidents. The secondary benefit to Volvo car drivers is a reduction in accident damage to their cars and the associated costs that this incurs.



The study was based on robust insurance company data which covers over 160 000 vehicles per year in real traffic, making it unique in the study of collision avoidance systems. Unlike police or emergency response sourced data, insurance company data covers all accidents, regardless of whether people are injured, giving a more holistic overview of the real-life performance of safety technology like Volvo’s. (The City Safety braking technology is standard on all Volvos from 2008.)



The technology delivers more immediate benefits to Volvo drivers, with Swedish insurance companies offering discounts of between 20-25% on insurance premiums in several markets thanks to this innovative technology.

When you shop around for insurance on your car, it will not hurt your pocket to ask prospective insurers for discount if you could verify with them which safety equipment is fitted to your car.

Since many safety items are options, but can be quite pricey, especially on German brands, ask your insurer if fitting these items are worth the expense and if it could influence your premium in any way. That said, always buy the safest car you can afford – both for you and your family’s sake!


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