Robin Reviews…The Logitech G413 SE Gaming Keyboard

First-person shooter gamers know that response times can be the difference between staying alive or being taken out by someone who was just a split-second faster to pull the trigger. While slow body movement is often to blame in most cases, on other occasions, the hardware being used is sometimes not up to spec.

The difference is noticeable when playing any game on a standard piece of computing equipment, like a Dell or HP laptop, compared to gamer-honed setups like Alienware, MSI, or Razer Blade, where split-second communication is vital. Having already had the impressive Logitech G102 LightSync gaming mouse on review not too long ago, Logitech turned Father Christmas in March as the G413 Gaming Keyboard was next on the agenda.

At first glance, one wouldn’t even know the keyboard is primarily used for gaming until everything is connected and you press the tactile buttons, which have a distinct bump – something you don’t get with generic keyboards. Compared to the LightSync mouse, where there are many colour combinations to choose from, Red is the only option available, unfortunately. It is compatible with the famed G HUB software that allows for an array of other customisation settings.

The party begins when you plug in the 2.0 USB cable, and where there suddenly was little visibility to see which keys are which, the white backlighting guides the ways. Compared to some of its competitors that provide a wider scope of macro support, the G413 is atleast also macro-capable. Perhaps interestingly is the fact that the G413 provides largely the same tactile feedback as the brand’s more expensive keyboard options – like the G610, for example.

Jack of all trades

The G413 is all black with a brushed-aluminium surface, black keys, and red LED lighting. A silver version also features brushed metal and white lighting instead of red. It is ideally ergonomic when not used for gaming – though a wrist rest pad could’ve made a great product even better. If you’re transitioning from a laptop to a keyboard, it takes a bit of getting used to the number pad on the right that ‘pushes’ all the other buttons to the left.

Testing the keyboard on a (famed) FPS shooter, you don’t need to depress the Romer-G keys down in order for the function to register in-game. There is also no movement from the keyboard itself, even when the stands are positioned in the maximum 8.5-degree incline. Logitech has perfected the recipe of making great products and brings the value for money principle full circle.

A product is always better (in my book) when it can do the task(s) other than what it’s supposed to. Being a keyboard, it had to type and do the basics, first of all. Even though wireless would have been better, having a cable is not bad either. Prior to wireless, everything was cable anyway.


Even though it lacks a few features like a dedicated media button or wrist rest, the Logitech G413 is one of the best and most affordable gaming keyboards available on the market.

Yes - one can opt for a better (and more expensive) piece of equipment for the higher-echelon gamer but the G413 is ideal for the 'entry-level' gamer that can do basic typing and still provide an optimal virtual experience.

Gumtree gives this product a good 7/10.

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