Roadtrip Travel Essentials

Road trips equal great family memories, but do not let your little ones spoil the journey for you. Here’s what not to leave home without:


Frisbee – great for some quick exercise when making a stop.  Can also be used as a handy tray to eat on.

Plastic boxes – one for each child, to hold their own supplies. The lid makes a great desk.  Fill with colour-in books, crayons, pencils and word search games.

Water – separate bottles for each kid for drinking, a quick wash up, wiping dirty hands. Refill at each rest stops.

Lightweight blankets – one for each child’s blanket to nap with or blocking the sun from a window.

Paper towels – for those nasty spills.

Compass – fun for the kids if they want to help navigate.

Ziploc bags – bring several different sizes.  These come in very handy for collecting items (shells), storing food, wet clothes…

Trash bags – for storing laundry, wet items and keeping the car tidy.

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