Restoring an old Barbie Doll

The original Barbie doll sold for R50 – today collectibles can fetch hundreds of thousands. But most of us love our old Barbies for sentimental reasons, which is why restoring old Barbies is a popular hobby.

  • Wash with a wet cloth

Get rid of grime by wiping Barbie with a wet, warm cloth. Don’t immerse her in water – it can get inside and cause mould.

  • Remove pen marks with an ear bud dipped in paint thinner or rubbing alcohol

Do not wipe her face – it can remove some of her features.

  • Wash her hair

Shampoo and condition her hair and comb it gently. Be sure to dry it off.

  • Use toothpicks

Use toothpicks to clean limbs and hard to reach spots.

  • Straighten her out

Barbie’s limbs can bend over time. To straighten her out, wrap her limbs with a very hot cloth and hold them in position.

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