Remember when people still chased shadows? Pokemon GO left as quick as it came

If there’s one anime that took the world by storm since the turn of the millennium, that award has got to go to Pokemon.

Popular characters like Ash Ketchum, Brock Harrison and Misty Waterflower – not forgetting Pikachu – first crept into the hearts of many kids around the world, tracking their adventures across a vast Pokemon filled land. The show became a fully fledged success in the ensuing years, giving rise to various merchandise and video games to keep people enthralled.

One of those games came in the form of Pokemon GO, a mobile game that allowed players to become part of the action by catching Pokemon in augmented real life. When the game was first released in the United States, it was a contributor of accidents and even deaths because people focused so much on their smartphones in a bid to find rare Pokemon, instead of looking where they are going in the real world.

Hit and miss

Many gaming professionals criticised the game’s listless AR gameplay and clunky menu navigation as main reasons why it wasn’t that much of a success.

South Africans also tried their hand at catching invisible creatures but the novelty soon wore off and the app faded into obscurity, simply because it was aimed at kids and also became too dangerous. Users are constantly on their phones which is easy pickings for thieves.

On a softer note, the game wasn’t all bad as it allowed people to be outdoors and exercise more.

No game captured imaginations more vividly than Pokemon GO. The idea and final concept was great but ultimately its actual implementation wasn’t exactly spot on. The Pokemon franchise is massive and who knows, with technology evolving at such a rapid rate these days, a refreshed version might find its ways to smartphone screens in the not too distant future.

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