Re-imagining original.

The fashion industry is always in search of original. Something unique and fresh that inspires people and starts new trends. This constant search for the new and exciting can often make fashion lovers too focused on over-buying. Searching for forever pieces in all the wrong places.   

Sometimes, the most unique things can be found in the most unexpected places. Like Gumtree. Where couture is just a click away. There’s a whole treasure trove of unique vintage and pre-loved clothes that are waiting to be found and helping you become Re-Styled.

To show just how good a retro or pre-loved garment can look with a little imagination, we’ve teamed up with two fashion icons: Cosmo magazine and one of South Africa’s leading fashion designers, Amanda Laird-Cherry, to create the Re-Style range. An entire range of couture made up of pre-loved clothes found on Gumtree.  

Amanda’s designs have been showcased across the world, from London to Cape Town. She’s one of the only designers to be showcased at South African Fashion Week since it began and is always inspired by the society around her. Keep an eye out at SA Fashion Week on the 25th October 2019 where she’ll revealing the ReStyle range.                     



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