Questions to Ask Before a Playdate or Sleepover

Many parents will know the feeling of being too embarrassed to ask questions to someone you may not know very well. What if they think I am being too protective? What if they laugh at me? When it comes to our children, though, any embarrassment is worth their protection, isn’t it? If your child would like to head to a new friend’s house for a playdate or a sleepover and you don’t yet know the parents (or don’t know them very well), here are a few questions to ask anyone you will be entrusting with your child(ren).

  1. Who will be watching my children?
  2. Will you be home at all times?
  3. Can I please have the contact information for whoever will be home during the playdate or sleepover?
  4. Do you have any older teenage children? Will they be home and will they also have friends over at the same time?
  5. Do you have any guns or other dangerous weapons in the home? If yes, where and how are they stored safely?
  6. What safety rules do you have in your home?
  7. Is their TV and internet use monitored to ensure they are watching appropriate programs for their ages?
  8. What are the sleeping arrangements?

We get it, it can be super uncomfortable to just start asking a whole list of questions to someone you barely know. But as parents, our children’s safety is the most important thing!

What conversations do you have with your children and the parents of their friends before new playdates or sleepovers? We’d love to hear from you!

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