Pros & Cons of E-Paper Display

If you are an avid reader and have considered purchasing either a tablet or e-reader, you may have come across the term ‘E-Paper Display’. The question is, what exactly is e-paper display and what are the advantages and disadvantages of using this type of device for reading? We’ve got the low-down.


What is E-Paper Display?

A device that utilizes e-paper display is one that does not require any electricity in order to display images and text on the screen. Text and images on the screen will closely resemble the text or images you would see on the page of a book, and it does not emit any light.


What is E-Paper Display made of?

These types of displays consist of millions of tiny capsules filled with a clear fluid; this fluid contains microscopic, different coloured particles as well as electrical charges. Above and below the tiny capsules are electrodes that move up and down when either a positive or negative electric field is applied; this causes the surface to reflect a particular colour.


What are the advantages?

  1. They consume far less power than a traditional LCD display.
  2. The display can appear on the screen for a lengthy period without any battery power.
  3. They are high-definition.
  4. They are paper-like which makes them ideal for looking at in direct sunlight.


What are the disadvantages?

  1. The text and images displayed on the screen is slower to update than on traditional LCD screens.
  2. They are not suitable for animation or any display requiring fast changes.
  3. They currently support very few fonts.
  4. They do not have as much memory as you would find on a tablet.


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