Pros and cons of social media filters

Social media is a wonderful place to be – you can connect with friends and family, be part of like-minded communities and have the ability to conduct research based on your interests. However, very often social media can be misleading, especially with the overwhelming use of filters and augmented reality. People can create their own unique personas and avatars, but with the use of heavy filters, how do you know what is real and what’s not? Gumtree outlines the pros and cons of using filters on your social media page:


Pros of using filters:

1.     Filters can be a fun way to express your personality, be it goofy, nerdy or glamorous.

2.     Random, boring pictures can be brought to life with interesting filters such as Instagram’s heart, cat or now the most popular Squid Game filters.

3.     Filters offer social media users, especially influencers, the power to create creative posts that can ultimately increase their following.

4.     Introverts and the more shy social media users can use beauty filters to feel more confident that makes them more interactive and engaging.

5.     Users can craft unique images of themselves using augmented reality tools found on Instagram and Snapchat, enhancing their makeup or hair in the process.


Cons of using filters:

1.     Psychologists and experts of mental health have conducted research that proves that this mirage of digital beauty produced by social media filters is increasing anxiety and depression in users.

2.     Beauty standards have drastically changed over the years with the advent of beauty filters on social media. Everyone wants to look like a model and with these filters, it is possible to do so on social media but makes them feel less confident in real life.

3.     Using filters on social media has forced users to embrace the fake perfection syndrome, where they only present themselves in a perfect light as opposed to reality.

4.     Social media users, especially women, are now constantly comparing themselves to unrealistic beauty standards set by overly filtered beauty shots. 


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