Pros and Cons of Permanent Makeup

In today’s world, makeup is considered one of the strongest tools for self-beautification. It is also an avenue to showcase creativity and feel more confident about oneself. Most women enjoy wearing makeup as it makes them feel more secure and provides the freedom to conceal or hide the flaws they do not want to show the world. But applying makeup well is a skill and not everyone is adept at putting on eyeliner or foundation like an expert. In such cases, permanent makeup could be a viable solution. Gumtree outlines the pros and cons.

Pros of permanent makeup:

  1. Convenience: With this option, you can save tons of time as you do not have to apply makeup every single morning.
  2. Stay fresh: Have you ever looked in the mirror at the end of the day and scared yourself with raccoon eyes? With permanent makeup, look fresh and fine all day, every day – no smudging or smearing.
  3. Customised: Permanent makeup, like normal makeup, comes in a variety of colours and styles. Thus, you can choose what is your favourite look and invest in that.
  4. Confidence: For those feeling insecure about scars or blemishes, permanent makeup can boost your confidence with flawless cover ups.

Cons of permanent makeup:

  1. Permanency: The permanency of this type of makeup is not for everyone. Imagine waking up one morning and suddenly hating the look?
  2. Safety: Even though the risks are minimal, there may be chances of allergic reactions to the application of permanent makeup.
  3. Pain: There can be significant pain or discomfort during the procedure and salons are required to use anaesthetics before and after application.
  4. Expensive: Permanent makeup is much more expensive than regular drug store makeup products.

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