Pros And Cons Of Apple AirPods

One of the boldest pieces of audio hardware ever released, the Apple AirPods have truly been revolutionary. These wireless Bluetooth earbuds were released in 2016 with a second- generation version in 2019. Easily one of Apple’s most popular accessories, the AirPods are noise-cancelling with high aesthetic value. However, as with any hardware product, AirPods, too, have their pros and cons.

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Pros of AirPods

  1. Audio quality: The sound quality of AirPods has impressed one and all, from laypersons to sound engineers who know what they are talking about. They have been able to enhance call quality substantially – something that is essential in our work from home modes. The active noise-cancelling feature is powerful and can block out all external noises.
  2. Simple pairing: Pairing and unpairing Bluetooth devices can be a frustrating activity for many. But with the AirPods, Apple has simplified the process by building its own W1 chip that allows for instant connectivity and efficiency.
  3. Force sensor: Apple has now replaced the former tapping gesture with a force sensor that can be easily activated. Squeeze to play or pause music, long holds to toggle between transparency or noise-cancelling and so much more.

Cons of AirPods:

  1. Price: Starting at R2499 and going up to R4499, the AirPods can be an expensive buy.
  2. Easy to lose: The aesthetic factor that makes AirPods so unique can also be its downfall. They are so small and do not have connecting wires, making them so much easier to misplace.
  3. Batteries: Apple has sealed batteries in its AirPods, which means if the battery wears out, you do not have the option to replace them. You will need to buy a new pair of AirPods instead!

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