Prevent Car Accidents with These 3 Modern Technologies

In a world where this an app for pretty much everything, it should come as no surprise that technology would evolve to be able to save lives. As one of the leading causes of death around the world, we are lucky to have technological features in our vehicles to mitigate human error resulting in vehicular accidents.

Here are three of the most popular technological features that have the proven ability to help reduce car accidents:

The Automatic Braking System (ABS)

Obviously, one very common cause of car accidents is due to humans simply not being able to brake in time. To help with this issue, the ABS system was invented to detect any close-coming collision allowing the car to brake lightly to warn the driver that they need to slow down.

Rear-View Cameras

Another cause of car accidents is drivers who fail to see everything surrounding their vehicles, especially things behind them and that are hidden in their blind spots. To assist with this, rear-view cameras were invented to help motorists see everything behind them. They warn you with a ‘beep’ when you are coming too close to something, too.

Lane Departure Warnings

Have you ever started to drift off or become distracted so much that you end up changing lanes without even realizing it? To help avoid this issue which often results in an accident, technological devices were created to help warn drivers when their vehicle is starting to swerve or switch lanes unexpectedly.

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