Preparing Your Ride for Summer Road Trips

We all know that we need to take special care of our vehicles during any extreme weather over winter, but did you know that it works the same way for summer driving too? Before you head out on your first road trip of the summer, take a look at our summer road trip checklist to ensure your ride is prepared.

  1. Check Tyres. A tyre with significant wear or with below par pressure will do you no good. Check all four tyres, as well as your spare (if you have one) to make sure there are no cuts, gouges, or sidewall bulges.
  2. Check Brakes. Listen to the sounds you hear when braking around town, as well as take note of how it feels. If you feel a vibration or hear a grinding sound, check your brakes checked before heading out on your road trip.
  3. Test the battery. To avoid a situation where you run out of battery power in the middle of nowhere with no other vehicle in sight to give you a boost, check that the cable connections are right, the hold-down hardware is secure, and the battery has enough capacity to get you where you need to be.
  4. Top up the fluids. Top up your oil, transmission and brake fluids, power steering fluids, and petrol, of course!
  5. Replace wiper blades. Wipers that smear and squeak during use will be less than ideal, especially if you are taking a trip through Johannesburg (hello, summer storms!). Top up your windshield solution, and change your blades if they’re not up to scratch.
  6. Check the AC. While driving around town, keep the AC on for a while to test it. If you notice the cooling ability decrease over time, you may need to get it checked before you leave.
  7. Replenish emergency kit. Put together a well-stocked emergency kit (or restock if you are already on the ball), including batteries, a flash light, first-aid supplies, non-perishable snacks, water, and booster cables.

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