Preparing Your Kids for School During a Pandemic

Many parents have already made the leap of sending their children back to school since the restrictions have lightened up, but many are still on the fence. When the time feels right, here are a few ways to prepare your children to head back to school during the pandemic:

  1. There is a traditional back-to-school list, and then there is a pandemic back-to-school list. While they will still need paper and pencils, additional supplies like hand sanitizer, sanitizing wipes, face masks and face shields may also be required to keep themselves and those around them safe.
  2. Grab extra pens and pencils as sharing will most likely not be permitted.
  3. Depending on the school, your children may be required to wear either a mask or a shield, so it is important that you find one that is comfortable for them to wear for long periods, and have them get used to wearing them before it is time to go back to school.
  4. As an additional element of safety, try to find a lunch box that is made of plastic and easily washable; a fabric lunch box will have the be washed in the washing machine daily after use rather than simply wiped with disinfectant.
  5. Again, depending on your school, they may have decided to lessen the number of days or hours school will be in session per week. If this is the case for your child’s school, you will want to have duplicates of all supplies for learning at home.
  6. For learning at home, items like a laptop, noise-cancelling headphones to keep children focussed, and a great quality webcam or spare cellphone for zoom lessons will be essential items.

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