Preparing for the Interview

The phone call just came and you have been invited to interview for your perfect job. In order to land the job, over the next few days, you should spend every available moment researching the company, the industry, and industry leaders. Look for the company’s mission statement and consider how the job you are interviewing for helps to fulfill that mission statement. Prepare great questions for the person interviewing you by looking at the company’s achievements. Photos of company executives can provide important clues as to how you should dress. Finally make sure to look at industry trends, as well as learn who the most important people are inside and outside the company. In order to accomplish this research, you should use the company’s website, social media, press releases, and financial news. When you use these items to prepare for your job interview, you are sure to impress.

Company’s Website

Start your research on the company website, as it can hold many important clues. In particular, look for an About page, as it often holds the company’s mission statement. When you find this statement, compare it to the job description to find important clues on what to include in your answers to interview questions. If the company has a blog make sure to read it, as it can hold clues about new products, the company culture, and even clues about what the interviewer is like. Often the web page includes a link to the company’s financial report which can hold important details about how the company is doing overall and any problems they are encountering.

Social Media

Most companies use social media to inform their customers about company news. Scan this for information and see how your job description ties to those new products, so you are better prepared to answer interview questions. In addition, use social media to look for common connections, such as graduating from the same college, which may impress your potential employer. Consider information found on social media about the industry as a whole. Knowing the latest trends is a great way to show the interviewer that you are ready to start immediately when hired. Social media posts can hold clues about the exact things that your interviewer is working on at the moment, which is a great way to impress. Following company messages is also a great way to learn about the company’s culture. Occasionally, you even find a clue to problems the company is encountering, which can be great information for answering what you can do to help the employer when asked during an interview.

Press Releases

Press releases can also hold important clues when preparing for an interview. They can tell you about what new products the company has released. Reading these releases for tone can also provide insight into the company culture. Look at press releases from the company’s top rivals to develop a better understanding of the industry as a whole.

Financial News

You should read financial news sources before interviewing. These reports often hold information about a company’s weaknesses. Then, when you are preparing to answer a question about your personal strengths, aim your answer at a company’s weaknesses to impress. Financial articles written by other people often contain a lot of information that the company does not want you to know. Including these facts in an interview is a great way to show that you have done your homework before the interview.

When you get the call to come in for a job interview, it is important that you prepare for that interview by researching the company. Make sure to use the company’s website, social media, press releases, and financial news. This allows you to tailor your answers to questions to match the company’s strengths and weaknesses. It also gives you important insight into a company’s culture. Additionally, it can give you clues about how to dress for an interview. Doing interview preparation is vital to having a successful interview and being awarded a new job.

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