Police Clearance: What now?

When buying a car from a dealer, all paperwork regarding transfer, finance and registration will be handled by the dealership staff. It is for reasons of peace of mind and it being such an easy, painless affair that many people insist in this route when buying a new car.

But imagine you bought through a private deal – you have bought from a private seller and ensured all paperwork between the two of you is in order. However, the vehicle testing station refuses to issue the roadworthy certificate or the licensing authority refuses to register the car in your name even though you have submitted all paperwork. A snag has cropped up: you need a Police Clearance Certificate (PCC) before registration into your name can take place.


When is a PCC required?

  1. When the engine or chassis number of the vehicle differs from the number on the registration certificate, even if one digit is different. It could just be a misprint, but the danger is that your documents have been falsified.
  2. When a vehicle has previously been reported stolen and then recovered.
  3. When no documentation is received from the previous owner of the vehicle.

From 1 September 2012, all vehicles requiring Police Clearance need to have microdots fitted as do all newly registered vehicle after this date.


Where is a PCC obtainable?

Firstly, an RPC (Request for Police Clearance) form has to be obtained from any registering authority, and this, together with the microdotted vehicle has to be submitted for the clearance procedure at the SAPS Clearance Centre in your area. The vehicle either needs to be presented with a valid vehicle licence or a temporary permit obtainable from the registering authority.

Enquire at your local SAPS station on where the closest Police Clearance centre in your area is.


What are microdots?

Feature4-datadotMicrodots are tiny (1mm) dots which have unique identification pin numbers that can be cross referenced to the vehicle identification numbers of a vehicle. Microdot fitment sees 10 000 dots fitted to a vehicle on 50 different areas on the car. None of the dots are affixed to the outside paintwork of the car.

Click here for more on the procedure of micro-dotting and what it entails.

Click here for more information on the clearance procedure.

Click here to submit an online enquiry for Police Clearance online.



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